Friday, June 10, 2016

Missing... Have You Seen Me...?

Hello Friends!!

I have been missing in action off and on for quite sometime now. Life... is a never ending journey with many stories to tell. All of the peaks and valleys in life are what help us to grow and appreciate all the more... don't you agree? Here's one of my favorite quotes...

Keeping busy has never been a challenge for me... it's the thing called "time" that gets away from me more than I care to admit. I find myself always saying "tomorrow I will..." and yet when that moment comes it slips away. At the end of the day I am reminded why "time" is so important. Not in the sense of getting distracted by what you think you should be doing, but by making each moment count. Life is swift... life is precious... life is unknowing, life is given to us this day... and not promised to us another. That's why "time" is so important... live it passionately, wisely, and live it one day at a time.

It is my prayer that you're all having a beautifully blessed summer with your family and friends...

Lots of BIG hugs,