Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Happy Fall to YOU!!

Hi Everyone!

Oh my goodness... seriously where does the time go? How do you all do it? Spend each day crafting, then taking photos, and videos of all things!!! You're amazing I'll tell ya'!!!

We are almost finished with our move. Yes, I know another move!!! Being a homeschool family makes it easy to pick up and go to a new city. The moving part isn't so easy, but starting in a new city and making new friends is fun and exciting!!! We still live close to our friends and family, so the friendships just keep growing!!!

After we are all settled I will start working on my chalking tools and "Fruit of the Spirit" bottle cap goodies I spoke of previously ! I'm excited to get those started for you. *Ü*

I know many of you are looking forward to the cooler weather... I know I am!! Fall is my most favorite season. I love watching the trees turn such beautiful colors and the awesome smell in the air. Now where we previously lived there were cows everywhere, so the smell wasn't always so pleasant. I am looking forward to the nice crisp clean smell of Fall and the smell of yummy food in the air!! I pray you all have a very blessed and cherished Fall season with your family and friends. *Ü*

Have a beautiful week!

Lots of BIG hugs,