Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Staying" In Love... by Andy Stanley

Staying in Love... is something we all long for...

This has transformed my way of communicating in my relationships... most importantly with my husband. You would be blessed to listen and apply these principles to your life and marriage today... ♥

The Juno Dilemma Part 1

Staying in Love

Part 1: The Juno Dilemma

Andy Stanley

It's never been easier to fall in love and never been harder to stay in love. Is it even possible for two people to be happy together forever? Yes. Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus gave us the foundation for enduring love. In this message, Andy Stanley reveals the simple, yet powerful, principle.

Re-Modeling Part 2

Staying in Love

Part 2: Re-Modeling

Andy Stanley

Do you remember what it felt like to fall in love? How you would do anything for that person? What happens to those feelings? Falling in love comes naturally. But staying in love requires a plan. While many couples just endure their marriages, in this message, Andy Stanley shares a blueprint for maintaining, and even growing, those feelings over time.

Feelin' It Part 3

Staying in Love

Part 3: Feelin' It

Andy Stanley

What happens after I do? How can the person to whom a woman gave her deepest vow become the person she despises most? How can the beautiful woman a man couldn't stay away from become the person he can't stand to be around? In Part 3, Andy Stanley dispels a common myth about why we fall out of love and exposes the true problem.

Multiple Choice Marriage Part 4

Staying in Love

Part 4: Multiple Choice Marriage

Andy Stanley

What's different about people who stay in love? What is their secret . . . their magic formula? They've learned what to place in the gaps between expectations and reality. To wrap up this series, Andy Stanley shares this secret from a part of the familiar Scripture passage, 1 Corinthians 13.

Praying these messages are a blessing for you and your relationships...

**Lots of BIG Hugs**

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