Friday, July 1, 2011

Have a Good Day...

I wanted to share a poem I found while looking for inspirational words to brighten my husbands day... he's up from the crack of dawn... until sun down most days and at times questions "What's it all for...?" It's for your family that adores you... and cherishes you for all you do... for who you are and all you will ever be. Fish this is for you... I ♥ you!! Marlin

Have a Good Day

You've woken up to a new day,
Make everything go your way.

The sun will rise,
But not at your dispise.

The moon will shine,
Only if you call it 'mine'.

The rain will fall,
and be your life's greatest shawl.

Protecting you from all evil,
and giving your heart plenty of questions to fill.

See the positive,
With a lot in your heart to give.

Acknowledge the negative,
and know that they live only for those not positive!

Enjoy it all while you can,
In your only visible life span.

I pray this will inspire your day!!

**Lots of BIG Hugs**