Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mystery Revealed... Easy Earring Cards... *Ü*

Now for the Mystery Challenge to be revealed... There was no "re-purposing" or any "tricks"... hee-hee!! As for a "Doo Hickey" or "Doomsahickies"... Yep, they could be *Ü*. They're Earring Card Punches!! Yes, you can now create your own Earring Card Holders... isn't that awesome?!! When I was first introduced to these fabulous punches I was so excited I couldn't stop talking about them! I couldn't wait to get them and begin creating my own design of earring cards.

My excitement is because someone so clever created a design punch that would help you to create perfectly straight earring holes every time. There are many who make their own cards, but have struggled to get the holes to line up perfectly... let alone evenly spaced apart. Now you can with these amazing earring card punches... *Ü*!! The guess work has been done for you and now you can spend all your valuable time creating beautiful cards that will display your wonderful designs.

I have put together some examples... *Ü*.

If I had ribbon and embellishments I would make these earring cards so pretty. The things one can do with their imagination and creativity... *Ü*. The bottom portion of the card was kept white to stamp or write a message.

Here are some examples of simple black 2 x 2 and 2.5 x 2.5 earring cards I made with some earrings attached (I will be using my embossing powder in both silver and gold to add my Scrappy Beads Logo to my cards...).

I used both the Leverback (top photo) and the Double-Post Punches (lower photo). With the Double-Post Earring Card I simply used a corner punch to change the look of it a little (there's unlimited possibilities of how one can create unique earring cards when they have their scrapbooking room available to them... hee-hee... *Ü*).

With the two photos below I show you how you can use the earring cards for other types of jewelry... such as a necklace... or a jeweled barrett... *Ü*. For the necklace I took my Martha Stewart Craft Knife and cut a diagonal line from the center of the hole (using the Double-Post Punch) to the outer edge of the card on each side. The barretts were placed in the holes of the Leverback Punch card which now display these heart barretts wonderfully... *Ü*.

When you purchase the Leverback and Double-Post Punches you will also receive 25 Butterfly Earring Card Blanks... the styles shown below are available for purchase.

Before telling you where you can find these clever punches I want to share with you a few lil' tips I have learned along the way. When using the Leverback cards I always pop out the flap from behind the card (this prevents the flaps from having a crease on the front). Stamping or the use of an embossing powder effect really turns an ordinary card into an extraordinary card... *Ü*. It's all about the presentation of an item or product that's first noticed by the consumer. With the many types of punches out there we can change the looks of our earring cards at any given time... think of how beautiful your cards could look at a boutique... *Ü*. Finally, mix and match colors to create a beautiful presentation of your jewelry. You're no longer limited to the basic black, white, silver earring cards available to you today.

Oh... one more thing... you can create unique earring cards to sell as well... how fabulous is that... *Ü*?!! Below I have created 3 simple cards that some find perfect for what they need... I say... let's give them what they want.

The brilliant creator "Dee" and these fabulous Easy Earring Card Punches can be found at Easy Earring Cards. Below are what the punches look like.

I really wanted to display these Easy Earring Cards in such a way that would really emphasize just how wonderful they are, but with limited access to my supplies it was hard to accomplish what I have visioned in my mind. I will present these punches in their glory when I'm settled into our new home. I have a list of ways to create and display your cards that I'm looking forward to sharing with you... *Ü*.

Okay my fabulous friends... I'm off to spend the rest of the night with my family. It's our sons birthday today and we are getting ready for some yummy cake (red velvet) and ice cream... oh my... *Ü*. For dinner he wanted mom's homemade egg, hashbrowns, and cheese burritos... it's the simple things in life I just ♥!!!

**Lots of BIG Hugs**


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :) I like your designs! Thanks for posting on my blog! :) Blessings!

  2. Oh, wow, not only are the earing stunning, but the packaging you made for them is fantastic.

  3. This is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing this, the ideas are limitless really. Your projects came out beautiful and I love the idea. Oh no...what's the feeling I'm getting? Inspiration! Yah!

    Happy birthday to your son and enjoy the Red Velvet cake! Yum!


  4. What a great idea! TFS

    Thanks for becoming a new follower, I'm now following you too.

  5. Wow! You are so creative! Love your projects! Thanks for stopping by and for such a sweet comment! I am now following you too.

  6. Hi Deborah!

    Thanks for your sweet comment! I definitely look forward to hearing from you and I know I for sure will be visiting your page often too! How neat! I never thought that scrapbooking and beading would blend so nicely together, but you have made it look great!! The earrings are absolutely beautiful! I'm a cross stitcher and scrapbooker myself! :)

    Thanks for your bubbly nature, and I too am a follower of yours as well!


  7. Thanks for following :] i love your blog!

  8. Very cute, the birdie paper is a fav of mine too.
    Good luck on the move and finding all your craft stuff in your new place!

  9. so nice! I love the yellow drop earrings. Great blog! thanks for visiting mine

  10. Thank you so much... your comments mean the world to me *Ü*!! I ♥ having my friends visiting from around the world... *Ü*!
    Have a beautiful weekend,
    **Lots of BIG Grateful Hugs**


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