Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just Wanted to Share...

Now I wanted to share something with you that my wonderful husband snickers about... because... well you'll see why... *Ü*!!

First, let me say this... my husband is the type of man that will put something together "temporarily" for me until he can get the supplies needed to do it "right". That's one of the reasons why I ♥ the man SO much!!

This was the prototype (the garage is FULL of "his" supplies... sort of like my scrapbooking room has all of my goodies... that he can find just about anything he may need...) of the "something" I asked him to make. My exact words were... "I need something that will help me to hold my lil' balls I use to chalk with...". I was using my eyebrow plucker's and getting frustrated!! Yes, he looked at me a lil' confused and simply smiled. When he came into my scrapbooking room a short time later with this "tool"... I just couldn't get the smile off of my face... and the giggle out of my body. Inside I was thinkin' the wisdom of my husband is so fabulous... *Ü*!!

Then he came to me with the new tool he made a couple of days later... and I simply added paper to make it look more like a scrapbooking tool... I honestly think I add paper to just about anything I can *Ü*!

I have seen other designs that are similar since I've had mine made for me by my honey and so I'm going to change the design of my tool just a lil' to try and keep it a little more unique. I'm going to begin making mine with Polymer Clay... *Ü*!! I can't wait to begin designing them. I will still have the larger and smaller clips on each side, but the handle will be much sturdier and will last a lifetime of uses... *Ü*!! I ♥♥♥♥ working with Polymer Clay and this will simply be another fun idea to work into my creativity... fun... fun... fun... *Ü*!! I'm working on designs and colors as we speak... *Ü*.

Please stay tuned for these pretty tools... as I will be selling them very soon... *Ü*!

**Lots of BIG Hugs**


  1. yes plz let us know bc i want a few, hugs

  2. Thank you SO much Tz... I can't wait to show them to you... *Ü*!! Have a beautiful night, **Lots of BIG Hugs** Deborah


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