Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blog Awards... *Ü*

I'm blessed to have received some Blog Awards from some very special friends... Thank you so much Laurie "Lu", Judy, and Kelly... *Ü*.

Laura *Lu"... from http://craftingwithlu.blogspot.com/ sent me the BFB "Best Friends Blogger Award"... *Ü*. Please visit Lu's Blog to see her fabulous creativity!!

The rules for the BFB "Best Friend Blogger Award" are to post about the award with a link back to the sender, and pass it on to those who visit your blog and leave comments regularly. I'm so grateful for each and every comment I receive... thank you so much... *Ü*.

I would like to honor the BFB Award to...
Celeste... http://touchedbyabutterfly.blogspot.com/ and
Patty... http://craftykitten1.blogspot.com/

Judy... http://scrapbookgoddess67.blogspot.com/ and Kelly... http://kellysmemorycraft.blogspot.com/sent me the Stylish & Versatile Blogger Awards... *Ü*. Please visit both Judy and Kelly's Blogs for lots of wonderful inspiration!!

The rules for the Stylish Blogger Award are to share 8 things about yourself and honor 8 bloggers with the award. The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are to tell 7 things about yourself... and honor 15 bloggers with the award... *Ü*. I thoughts I would just combine both award rules... to keep this post a lil' less lengthy... *Ü*.

8 Things About... Me

1. I ♥ LOVE ♥ the LORD

2. I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world... Thank You Jesus!

3. I have 3 beautifully made children a woman could ever ask for... Thank You Jesus!

4. I hope to have my own scrapbooking store one day... *Ü*

5. When my husband retires we are going to travel the world in our luxury motorhome... oh yes I LOVE to dream BIG... *Ü*.

6. People say I was born to be a computer programmer... I love a good challenge!!

7. I truly believe that "laughter" is the best medicine... *Ü*.

8. I adore meeting new bloggers... they brighten my day and make me smile... *Ü*.

Now for the 15 fabulous bloggers... Please note these are in no particular order... I ♥ all of your Blogs... *Ü*!!

Rexann... http://ibecircled.blogspot.com/
Twila... http://tjscraftsandgifts.blogspot.com/
Sherry... http://upordowntheyrebeautiful.blogspot.com/
Kimberly... http://canadiancraftcorner.blogspot.com/
Paula... http://www.pvcreations2010.blogspot.com/
Pam... http://www.pamspaperpassion.blogspot.com/
Millisa... http://www.millermall.blogspot.com/
Mandy... http://outlawscrapbooking.blogspot.com/
Carrie... http://paperglitterstamps.blogspot.com/
Lauren... http://allthingscrafty3.blogspot.com/
Carla... http://paperpastorale.blogspot.com/
Sarah... http://sarahvaitstamps.blogspot.com/
Heather... http://franklintngirl.blogspot.com/
Connie... http://www.createdbyconnie.blogspot.com/
Lori... http://somayprojectssuchlittletime.blogspot.com/

Whew.... this took quite a while to gather up... *Ü*. Please visit the Blogs above and say "Hello".

Have a wonderful night,

**Lots of BIG Hugs**


  1. Hi, Deborah!!! Just wanted to say a big Thank You for the blog award!!! It made my day and I had a fun time posting about it! :)


  2. Deborah, nice blog! Thank you for becoming a follower, I am now your newest follower too.

  3. Fun to learn more about you! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Love the blog thank you for following mine :]


  5. Hey Hey, many thanks for thinking of me for this award..It's great to have people you can share your craft with...www.canadiancraftcorner.blogspot.com

  6. You are too kind to share this award with me!! I appreciate you always coming to my blog! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!


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