Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dew Drops *Ü*

I just wanted to check in real quick to let all of my new followers and their two friends... hee-hee... know that I sell Crystal Clear Dew Drops in my Etsy Shop. Now please note that the description says 1,200 for $6.95... truth be told I always put in more than that... just because I ♥♥♥♥ my customers... *Ü*!! You can do a comparison via the price and quantity... and I do believe I still offer the best deal... if not please let me know *wink*!!

Below is a sample of the pretty colors you can make using the Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks (in LOTS of wonderful colors...). I do make these... but have lots going on right now... so much to do... so little time... hmmmm... I need an assistant... hee-hee *Ü*

If you have never tried making your own Dew Drops... or are tired of buying only certain colors... or even too many of the same color... now is the time to venture out on your own and start making any color you wish... *Ü* I would ♥ to see what you make... so please share if you do.

Okay, I'm off to play in my scrapbooking room for a bit... then it's off to spend time with my family... as you know the days go by much too quickly!!

Thank you for stopping by and please say "Hi" so I know you were here... *Ü*.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

**Lots of Hugs**


  1. These are marvelous.
    I have a bowl full of them. I just love to run my fingers through them from time to time but they sure do look great on projects.
    Lovely job with the coloring too.
    Crafty best,

  2. Thank you so much Sonia... *Ü*.

    I know exactly what you mean they feel so neat to run your fingers through... *Ü*!!

    I have had so many requests to start selling colored ones... I think I may just have to get busy doing just that... *Ü*!

    I hope you will visit again real soon...

    Have a beautifully blessed week!!

    **Lots of BIG Hugs**



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