Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vegas Here We Come... Paper Piecings

Okay, now I was put to the challenge of creating some paper piecings that would go with a "Vegas Here We Come" wedding layout. This request had me thinking... thinking... and thinking... *Ü*! I ♥♥♥♥ a good challenge...!! I was asked to keep the colors red and pink in my designs and it didn't matter what I decided to create for the piecings. This is what I came up with... and they absolutely ♥♥♥♥ it to pieces (no pun intended... hee-hee). I have had three more requests along this theme since sharing it with family and friends to get their thoughts on how it turned out. Both the cars have an Action Wobble on the back of them so they will be movin' about on their Vegas trip... *Ü*!!

Now these were just the paper piecings that were requested as they already had the layout in mind. I will be sharing my other requests of these paper piecings in complete layouts very soon. I need to get all the details before I can get started... *Ü*.

Thank you so much for stopping by and for saying "Hello"... I ♥ having my friends here with me. You're all what keeps me inspired and gets my creative mind to thinkin'.

Have a wonderful day,

**Lots of BIG Hugs**

Monday, March 7, 2011

Finished... Don't Tell Daddy...

Well... let me just say that I ♥♥♥♥ when I make my customers happy... it makes me happy *Ü*!! The layout was perfect as it was (a lil' birdie... or a few lil' birdies told me... hee-hee). Now I was also told that this lil' guy loves to copy everything his mommy does... so I just figured I would do just that. I wanted to keep it simple as there was enough detail to already look at. So... tell me... isn't it the cutest thing that he is doing exactly what his mommy is doing. Oh how precious our children are... *Ü*. I hope you can see the detail on the faces... I just adore using Dina's patterns... they are so fun to work with.

Thank you to all my sweet bloggers that left me wonderful comments yesterday regarding this layout... they meant so much to me... *Ü*.

Okay, now tomorrow I'm going to be making a pop-up floral card... so stay tuned for that.

Until then my special friends...

Have a wonderful evening!

Stay warm... here it's very cold and going to rain any minute now... brrrrr!!

**Lots of Hugs**

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shhh... Don't Tell Daddy... I ♥ Scrapbooking With Mommy

Hello To My Blog Friends...

I'm hoping you can help me out... I'm in a lil' pickle right now. This layout is a custom order that was requested to have the theme changed a lil' today. It's a boy layout that was originally going to be about ... planes... trains... and automobiles. I'm was in the process of finishing up the bears. Anyway, my customer had requested I come up with a title about her lil' guy loving scrapbooking and showing the bears doing as such. So... the title I decided on was "Shhh... Don't Tell Daddy... I ♥ Scrapbooking With Mommy..." The reason for that title was because the theme layout is all about being a boy and yet he wants to be close to his mommy and do scrapbooking too... how cute is that... *Ü*! My question for you is this... Do you think I could still keep the layout as it is and simply add a mommy and boy bear scrapbooking (as you can see I already have the mini pages ready to be working on)...? Oh, I hope I'm making sense... because honestly I'm confusing myself... hee-hee!!!

I hope I will get some comments sharing your thoughts... as I really could use your help *Ü*. I think it would still be cute as is with the mommy and boy bears doing their scrapbooking together. I will share my finished results tomorrow... *Ü*.

Thank you for taking the time to read this... I really appreciate your visits and comments... *Ü*.

Have a fabulous week!!

**Lots of Hugs**