Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bead Organizers

I have been asked how I store and organize my numerous bead collection over the years. Well... this is the simplest way I have found my bead collection works for me... because you can see the beads and has plenty of compartments for storage. I have MANY styles of beads and such that I need to keep it simple and easy to see so that I can simply pull the box I need and start beading away... *Ü*.

These containers are also wonderful when your going to a jewelry boutique and want something that will stay organized when being moved about. I know women that place their beads in plastic bags to lessen the amount of space for storage as well. This way of storing beads concerns me simply because the quality of the beads can become damaged over time... but it works for others just fine *Ü*.

I would love for you to share your storage ideas... I ♥ being inspired by my blogger friends creativity *Ü*.

Have a terrific weekend,

**Lots of Hugs**

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