Monday, January 31, 2011

Cricut Expression 2

It just keeps getting better... Cricut has done it again...!!

Now I have only had my Cricut Expression for a little over a year now and I LOVE it!! Cricut keeps creating such wonderful new gadgets that I would simply adore having... but with 3 children being homeschooled and only one income... well... I think you get the picture. I'm a patient girl... and I look forward to when I can have everything Cricut offers... *winky- winky*... if my honey is reading this ♥.

Watch the video and be amazed... enjoy... *Ü*.

Have a happy scrappy day!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine Heart

The photo doesn't show how great the wavy crimping pattern looks on the heart... it really adds a fun design to a simple ♥ shape.

For the Red Scalloped Heart (4 inch) I used my Cricut Sweethearts Cartridge.

I LOVE using my Wavy Paper Crimper. I will add the regular crimper to my collection one day... but for now I have loads of fun using my wavy crimper *Ü*.

I then stitched the heart with my favorite Signo White Gel Pens (you can purchase them in my shops)!! Now please remember to do this step before you adhere the heart to your embellishments and sucker... something I forgot to do... and it made for a challenging stitch to look even (that's what happens when things are homemade with LOVE!!)

Use a simple ribbon and embellishment if you choose... it looks great just plain if you don't have anything on hand.

These are a fun little treat for your children to make for their classmates this Valentine's Day.

Have fun creating with your family today *Ü*.

**Lots of Hugs**

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Time in a Day... ♥

Do you ever feel like... "If only I had a few more hours to my day... ?" I understand... but thank goodness I don't...!! God knows exactly what I need and a few more hours added to any given day isn't what He had in mind *Ü*.

I need to be more patient... with...
My wanting to have more followers here...
More "friends" added to my Facebook and Twitter...
My desire to get out there and show everyone what inspires me...
The list is endless and yet somehow not as important as I thought...
Well, perhaps important... yes... crucial... no!!!!

Today's one of those days where I simply need to sit and listen... not lead... not speak... just.... L... I... S... T... E... N...!!

Wow... the wonders that surround you when you take the time to listen are beautiful *Ü*...

Thank You Jesus... for... YOUR... Wisdom...

**Lots of BIG Hugs**

Friday, January 7, 2011

Reminiscing... Scraparatus

Have you ever heard of the Scraparatus Tool...? Over the next upcoming week or so I'm going to be taking you back in time to the many tools and items that were made available (some may still linger around for purchase) that perhaps you may of used and put away only to forget about them.

Have you ever stood back in your scrapbooking room and wondered what was in the many nooks and crannies of the storage boxes and such? Have you been so excited about the new and upcoming items that your old favorite goodies sorta took the back seat, if you will? Kind of reminds me of how Woody and his pals felt in ToyStory... *Ü*.

I'm excited to begin looking in all of my nooks and crannies of my scrapbooking room and pull out all the old favorites. I hope you will enjoy reminiscing along with me too *Ü*.

Now for the Scraparatus Tool I mentioned above...

This little gadget is wonderful for filling in the little spaces you may find on your scrapbooking pages or whatever project you may be working on. This tool was introduced by in 2007 and was a huge hit in it's time! Unfortunately, only a few sets of dies were made for this tool and it quietly faded out of the limelight. What a shame really... because it's a fun little gadget to use *Ü*.

Check out the video below to see how this tool works... enjoy *Ü*.

Scraparatus Video

BTW... this tool is still available online for purchase at great prices too!! As are the little dies that are to accompany it. I went ahead and purchased some of the dies to have on hand should the other ones get worn down due to continued use... *Ü*.

If you already have the Scraparatus... why not give it a try again *Ü*.

Have a wonderful and bundled up weekend...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reminiscing... Sizzix Paddle Punches

I know these lil' paddle punches were and still are my favorite for finishing up the unused paper pieces I have left over after projects I've done *Ü*. They are great for confetti too!!!

There are 63 different paddle punches... holiday themes... geometric shapes... button holes... animals...celebrations...etc. They are positionable anywhere on the paper you desire. Honestly, I wish they were still making these hand punches as they are a great addition to my scrapbooking accessories *Ü*.

The hammer is specially designed for these hand punches and is very effective in getting the job done *Ü*. The hammer comes with additional hammer heads as well. I know of others that use a mallet without any problems.

I have created a container that holds my paddle punches and hammer. I simply took can metal can and decorated it with paper and matching ribbon... it's so cute... if I do say so myself... *Ü*.

Shop around if your not familiar with the Sizzix Paddle Punches... they were introduced in 2005 so I'm not too sure what's available... but you won't know until you try. They are a fun lil' tool to have *Ü*.

Various Paddle Punches *Ü*

Positioning the Christmas Tree paddle punch to demonstrate *Ü*

Quick and simple... anywhere you wish to create a punch *Ü*

Now if you have these tucked away somewhere and have forgotten about them. Bring them out... put them to work... you can create many great embellishments with these nifty punches *Ü*.

Until our next stroll down memory lane...

Have a wonderfully creative weekend ahead!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Decorated Pink ATG

I wanted to share my decorated Pink ATG with you...

I LOVE my Pink ATG... it works just like the ever so popular red ATG... but it's SO much more affordable!!! I have also added a lil' bling to mine. If you do not own an ATG you honestly should invest in one. They make your craft and scrapbooking projects so much quicker and easier to complete... especially if you're a card maker *Ü*.

Have a wonderful day!!