Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reminiscing... Sizzix Paddle Punches

I know these lil' paddle punches were and still are my favorite for finishing up the unused paper pieces I have left over after projects I've done *Ü*. They are great for confetti too!!!

There are 63 different paddle punches... holiday themes... geometric shapes... button holes... animals...celebrations...etc. They are positionable anywhere on the paper you desire. Honestly, I wish they were still making these hand punches as they are a great addition to my scrapbooking accessories *Ü*.

The hammer is specially designed for these hand punches and is very effective in getting the job done *Ü*. The hammer comes with additional hammer heads as well. I know of others that use a mallet without any problems.

I have created a container that holds my paddle punches and hammer. I simply took can metal can and decorated it with paper and matching ribbon... it's so cute... if I do say so myself... *Ü*.

Shop around if your not familiar with the Sizzix Paddle Punches... they were introduced in 2005 so I'm not too sure what's available... but you won't know until you try. They are a fun lil' tool to have *Ü*.

Various Paddle Punches *Ü*

Positioning the Christmas Tree paddle punch to demonstrate *Ü*

Quick and simple... anywhere you wish to create a punch *Ü*

Now if you have these tucked away somewhere and have forgotten about them. Bring them out... put them to work... you can create many great embellishments with these nifty punches *Ü*.

Until our next stroll down memory lane...

Have a wonderfully creative weekend ahead!!

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  1. hello, it's possible to use it with felt?


    gemma (barcelona)


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